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What is ThermaSteel™?

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ThermaSteel™ is the Building System for the 21st century.  It is a unique patented process utilizing the power of composite technology. A structural grade double steel frame with rigid, fire retarding EPS bonded to the steel frame with heat activated adhesive, produces a light weight composite panel that provides structural framing, insulation, and vapor barrier in one fast, high-tech step that will not delaminate.

ThermaSteel™ Panels are versatile. They are used for roofs, ceilings and floors, as well as interior and exterior walls.

ThermaSteel™ Panels are green! - see LEED® Potential Credits for ThermaSteel™ Panel Use

ThermaSteel™ used in conjunction with our waterproofing product creates a building perfect for hurricane and flood prone areas.

ThermaSteel™ is environmentally sound

  • Recyclable
  • Lower heating and cooling costs limit the burning of fossil fuels, saves the planetEnergy Star Certification Logo
  • Does not contribute to deforestation and increased greenhouse gasses
  • It would take 100 trees 8.5 inch wide and 20 foot long to build a 1500 square foot home. (Argonne National Laboratory, Division of Educational Programs)
  • It would take the steel from two recycled cars to build a 1500 square foot home using ThermaSteel™
  • ThermaSteel™ panels are approved for use in all climate regions. They pass the Miami-Dade Hurricane standards, seismic Zone nine in Russia, and European BBA code #1449. In addition to being structurally superior, our panels also meet the Energy Star standards for environmental conservation. They are fire and pest resistant, and offer many construction advantages.
  • Meets strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US dept of energy

ThermaSteel™ is economical

  • Fewer labor costs  
  • Saves 50% to 75% on heating and cooling operational costs
  • Lower construction costs as compared to wood, brick and block, concrete construction, SIP, and ICF (see Final Wall Cost Comparisons)
  • EPS is the best insulation

ThermaSteel™ installation*

ThermaSteelTM BuildingEach ThermaSteel™ panel has a steel overlap strip along the vertical edge at the outside face which overlaps the edge of the next panel approximately ¾’ when set in place. This overlap strip serves as a point of attachment between panels using No. 8 ⅝” self-tapping screws @ 12” O.C.  The wall panels are placed in a No.16 or No.18 gauge steel channel. After the walls are erected, No.16, No.18 or No.20 gauge steel channels are attached as top tracks. The metal channels are bolted to the foundation. Panels are secured in place by screwing through the channel and into the panel.  If necessary, typical X-bracings; metal columns and beams; lintels and headers; and any other metal reinforcement, can be added to the system.  Roof panels are set and attached together to bear on roof beams, trusses or bearing wall plates.