Janet Farr Construction and Design Since 1991
Janet Farr
Construction and Design
  1. Planning
    From concept to completion an well thought out plan makes everything run smoothly.
    Our experience has helped us to learn the best methods for our projects. We have created a system of efficiencies and a pecking order that allows us to get the job done right the first time.
  2. Consultation
    We listen to your ideas and can create a concept and color palette where you will feel right at home.
    As a licensed interior designer in the state of Texas we have the experience and knowledge to help you update your home, select new home building plan and recreate a vacation or ranch home to meet your family's retreat and relaxation wants and needs.
  3. Construction
    We will turn your vision into reality using top quality materials and trained, professional builders.
    From pulling permits to managing the day to day activity on a job site we are a broad spectrum service provider and can meet your needs with quality workmanship and a smile.
  4. Products We Believe In
    Being in this business so long, we have found products we stand behind and that create efficiencies that save time and effort.
    From high performance double paned windows and doors to high quality paint we have found the products that work the best and create the most value for our customers. We even have a new construction wall system that simplifies the building process consolidating a 5 step process into one simple step. We are always seeking the newest and best technology and want our customers to have the best available product that serves them as well as being sustainable for the environment.