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Isn't it time to rethink how we build?

You know the old saying . . . "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"  Even though traditional wood-frame construction still "works", isn't it time to consider something better?

The ThermaSteel™ solution

Southern Trends knows building and we know an upgrade when we see one! ThermaSteel™ is the building system for the 21st century.  ThermaSteel™ is:

  • made in the USA
  • has an effective R-Value of 33 (standard walls are 13.7) translating into lower heating and cooling costs
  • structurally sound – great for hurricane, flood and earthquake prone areas (approved by ICC codes for use in Dade County, FL)
  • Insect and mildew resistant
  • recyclable
  • fire and pest resistant
  • lower cost to construct as compared to wood, brick and block, concrete construction, SIP, and ICF (see Final Wall Cost Comparisons)

Consider Southern Trends and ThermaSteel™ for your next building project!

ThermaSteelTM BuildingThermaSteel™ works with your custom blueprints to construct a unique home or building to your specifications, accomodating creatively designed doors, windows and skylights.  All traditional exterior materials work with the ThermaSteel™ system and it has the strength to support a variety of roofing materials.  ThermaSteel™ used in conjunction with our waterproofing product creates a building perfect for hurricane and flood prone areas. Learn more about ThermaSteel™